Personal and sport trainer


I am fluent in English (certificate CAE, level C1) with experiences from abroad (Finland, USA), therefore my services are also possible in English


  • Coached or supervised more than 10.000 individual and group training sessions
  • Former proffesional athlete, 5 years in Czech national swimming team
  • 1 year study exchange and practical internship majoring in physiotheraphy and exercise physiology (Finland, Jyväskylä)
  • 1 year of sport training and cross-fit (South Carolina, USA)


  • Palacky University Olomouc - Sport Sciences (Master degree)

  • Study exchange and practical internship majoring in physiotheraphy and exercise physiology (Finland, Jyväskylä)

  • DNS (Rehabilitation Prague School)
  • Swimming coach II. Class

  • Masseur - Recondition and sport massage
  • Nutrition specialist course (FTK UP)
  • Other courses and education of smaller extent

Why do I do this:

I have become a personal trainer to provide my clients with wider view of conditioning training as such. My goal is not only to plan and conduct certain training program. My goal is to lead my clients to the point when they can recognize and determine what is best for them by themselves and consequently when they become their own coach. I pursue this goal by providing a professional leadership, advices, inspirations and by receiving continuous feedback from my clients. I had been a professional athlete once, so I realize that there is no room for improvement without propel feedback.

How I work:

At the very beginning of every cooperation I need to know answers on certain essential questions. So, if you decide to contact me, please make sure you know these answers:

  • what are your goals and motivations (Why?)
  • what is your conception of our cooperation (How? How often?)
  • what is a status of your body (How is it now?)
  • what is your health and physical history (What should I know?)

I do not think that only one kind of physical activity should be preferred. Therefore, I focus on maintaining wide diversity of physical training. Equally, I do not prefer any "modern" type of diet. Human body needs diversity in physical training as well as in diet in order to thrive both physically and mentally.

My education and experiences allow me to become your guide and support. The rest is up to you.